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Elough HX-02 KN95 Promotion Folding Disposable Multi-Purpose Respiratory Mask 10PCS/ Pack

Elough HX-02 KN95 Promotion Folding Disposable Multi-Purpose Respiratory Mask 10PCS/ Pack

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In addition to the filtration efficiency of the mask, the closeness between the mask and the face is one of the important factors to determine the use effect of the MASK. Different types of masks have great differences in the suitability between them and the human face. Therefore, the suitability of masks should be tested before use. When testing the tightness of the wearer's face, ensure that air can pass through the mask when it is tightly attached to the edge of the face.

N95 masks are one of nine types of particulate dust masks certified by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and are particularly protective. This means that fine dust larger than 0.3 microns, including PM2.5, as well as small dust, bacteria and viruses, can be filtered out.

It means that compared with the inside of the mask, the fine dust and virus larger than 0.3 micron can not pass through the mask, and the filtering effect can reach more than 95%. Masks N90 and N95 are the protection levels in the National mask standard. Different protection levels represent the protection and filtration ability of masks, namely the ability to prevent fine dust, bacteria and viruses.

The filtering ability of N90 is worse than that of N95. This kind of mask of N90, can keep 90 percent of fine dust and so on out of the mask.

The N95 is more resistant, and may be able to withstand more than 95 percent of fine dust, bacteria, and viruses.

So the difference between N90 and N95 is the ability to stop fine dust. If you need more protection, you need to choose a higher grade mask. As the number of coronavirus infections continues to increase, the best prevention measures are to visit crowded places less, wear a mask if you must go out, and wash your hands frequently.

Generally speaking, if there are the following conditions, it is necessary to change the mask, for example, the mask is damaged or has been contaminated, the other situation is that after wearing the mask, the feeling of breathing is not smooth, which means that the 淲 net of the mask has been blocked and needs to be replaced.


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